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[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破

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微軟公司今天宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破,成為XB360平台上銷量最佳的即時戰略遊戲.

.自發售以來,在XBL 上超過260萬次多人遊戲


– 19th March 2009 - Microsoft today announced that sales of “Halo Wars”
have reached more than one million units worldwide, *** the
exclusive Xbox 360 title the best selling real-time strategy game on
any current generation console. With a revolutionary control scheme
designed expressly for the Xbox 360 controller and a riveting story
that takes “Halo” fans deeper into the “Halo” universe, “Halo Wars” is
breaking new ground for the strategy genre by introducing a new wave of
fans to strategy games and reminding existing fans why it’s so fun.

in the year 2525, “Halo Wars” takes players on a perilous journey
through the famed “Halo” universe. As players take the command seat in
the early, epic battles between the UNSC and Covenant, they will begin
to unravel events 20 years before “Halo: Combat Evolved” that shaped
the franchise into what it is today.

Since the game’s release
throughout Asia on February 26 and subsequent launches in Europe and
the Americas, fans around the world have been taking full advantage of
“Halo Wars’” rich Xbox LIVE gameplay. To date:

• There have been more than 2.6 million multiplayer matches played
• More than 118 years of time has been spent in multiplayer matches on Xbox LIVE
• On average, more than 200,000 “Halo Wars” fans have taken up arms in battles between the UNSC and Covenant each day
• For more statistics and game information, fans can visit the official stats page at:
these initial explosive battles in “Halo Wars” are just beginning.
Microsoft is working closely with partner and newly formed studio Robot
Entertainment, which is comprised of “Halo Wars” and “Age of Empires”
veterans from Ensemble Studios. More Halo Wars content is being
prepared, so stay tuned.

“Halo Wars” is rated T for Teen by the
ESRB and 16+ PEGI and is available worldwide. “Halo Wars” is rated T
for Teen by the ESRB and 16+ PEGI and is available worldwide. A demo is
also available on Xbox LIVE in all LIVE enabled regions worldwide. For
more information, visit or
[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 1237486465545[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 01[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 02[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 03[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 04[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 05[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 06[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 07[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 08[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 09[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 10[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 11[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 12[XB360] 微軟宣布『光環戰爭 (Halo Wars)』全球銷量100萬突破 13


说真的360上玩这游戏就1个字...累...和红警3一样放360上简直是考验自己的手指 Smile


确实挺累人的.我这玩了还没一半呢,就暂且搁置了! Surprised

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